Is it hot/cold outside?


You guys ride bikes?

You want your food fast, or stuck in traffic?  

Are you hiring?

Yes.  You can use the contact form below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you deliver year-round, even in winter??

Oh yes.  However, we may suspend services if conditions are unsafe for either our couriers or your food.

Are you really "Faster Than Anything"?

Is there anything faster than Litespeed?

Are you adding more partners?

Always.  Just use the Contact us form below, and we get back to you as soon as we can.


So, what's the difference between Litespeed and the millions of other delivery services?

We are a local company and we deliver exclusively via bicycle.  We operate by bicycle not only because it's faster and we have great legs, but because as a company, we strongly believe that environmental sustainability on a world-wide scale, can and must start with the individual.  But the biggest difference is that we are way, way more rad.

Why don't you guys use cars?

Cars, while they certainly have some use in the modern world, are ultimately destructive to the social, economic and ecological environment of our world.   But really, how can you see our smiling faces from inside a car?

What's with your logo?

We are a Minnesota company, and we embrace the Minnesotan values of friendliness, compassion, and toughness in the face of any adversity.   And we ride m@#herf#@king bikes.

Do Litespeed Couriers accept tips?

Yes.  Gratuity is a big part of how we pay our bills.  Remember that your courier is working for you.  Show some love.

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